Colorful Crystal Luminous Keyboard Mouse Set


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Product information:

Product name: keyboard

Color: black, white

Lighting mode: colorful crystal glow

Number of keys: 104 keys

Transmission method: wired USB .

Cable length: 1.5 meters

Button life: 5 million times

Key technology: silk screen characters

Product size: 445*135*26mm

Multimedia keys: support.

Keycap Type: Suspended Punk Round.

Voltage/Current: 5V/100mA

Panel material: gold frosted

System support: Windows xp/win7/8,ISO

Keyboard size: 450*135*26mm

Mouse size: 115*64*38mm


Product name: mouse

Lighting mode: marquee

Interface: USB2.0

Number of keys: 4 keys

Line length 1.35m

Size 115*64*38mm

Button life: ≥8 million times

Three-speed DPI: 800-1200 1600dpi

Rated voltage/current: 5V–100mA

System Requirements: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10/OSX

Ergonomics: Support

Packing list:

Keyboard*1 / Mouse*1 / Keyboard*1+Mouse*1



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Weight 0.79 kg
Dimensions 460 × 160 × 40 cm

Black keyboard with V6 mouse, KB202 black keyboard, KB202 white keyboard, V6 mouse black, V6 mouse white, White keyboard with V6 mouse


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Colorful Crystal Luminous Keyboard Mouse Set
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